Welcome to Faith Lutheran Preschool and Childcare!

We are now enrolling Preschool 3 and 4 year olds with full and part-time spaces available.  Preschool is a great way to get your child prepared for Kindergarten academically, emotionally and socially!

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Kindergarten Readiness Program comes to Faith

Faith  is now providing a Kindergarten Readiness Program for those children that have missed the new cut-off dates for Kindergarten and are turning 5 after the  September 1st deadline. This program will focus on all of the following tasks to ensure your child is ready for Kindergarten!

Listen to stories without interrupting
Recognize rhyming sounds
Pay attention for short periods of time to adult-directed tasks
Understand actions have both causes and effects
Show understanding of general times of day
Cut with scissors
Trace basic shapes
Begin to share with others
Start to follow rules
Be able to recognize authority
Manage bathroom needs
Button shirts, pants, coats, and zip up zippers
Begin to control oneself
Separate from parents without being upset
Speak understandably
Talk in complete sentences of five to six words
Look at pictures and then tell stories
Identify rhyming words
Identify the beginning sound of some words
Identify upper case and lower case alphabet letters
Recognize some common sight words like “stop”
Sort similar objects by color, size, and shape
Recognize groups of one, two, three, four, and five objects
Count to 30
begin to read early reader books
Writing their name using uppercase and lower case letters
Bounce a ball

Spots are filling up quick so call (989) 777-2702 and ask for Crystal to receive more information

    We are offering Free Registration, A Free Trial Day for new families, and a $50.00 referral credit for new families (so bring a friend).  You can call (989) 777-2702 ask for Crystal or Andrea to receive more information!
Great Start to Quality STARS Program
Faith is excited to Announce that it is working towards a 5-STAR Rating.  We self-assessed at a 5-STAR and are awaiting our PQA Evaluation visit.  If awarded a 5-STAR rating we will receive a higher reimbursement from DHS for our program making it free for those families that qualify for Childcare Assistance through DHS. 
A -STAR Rating would also mean that each and every family that is part of our program is receiving top-quality care and learning for their child!

 About Great Start to Quality

Great Start to Quality helps parents find the best child care and preschool for their child, and helps providers improve the care and education they give to children. Five categories of program quality indicators, aligned with Michigan‘s Early Childhood Standards of Quality for Infant and Toddler Programs and Early Childhood Standards of Quality for Prekindergarten are used to rate child care and preschool programs to ensure that Michigan’s youngest children have high-quality early learning experiences.

Star Ratings

No Star Program meets licensing requirements.
1 Star Program meets licensing requirements and is participating in Great Start to Quality.
2 Stars Program demonstrates quality across some categories of program quality indicators.
3 Stars Program demonstrates quality across several categories of program quality indicators.
4 Stars Program demonstrates quality across almost all categories of program quality indicators. Program demonstrates high quality.
5 Stars Program demonstrates highest quality.